Get These Advantages If You Take Care and Train Your Puppy Well

dog training aThere are many people who are interested in adopting puppy. Unfortunately, they don’t know what to do after having this pet. Even, some of them decide to ignore and be lazy to take care of it. They don’t realize that if they take care and train puppy, they can get many benefits. Are you keen on adopting a puppy in the short time? If you are, think twice, okay! Don’t follow your desire only if you are not responsible for your pet at last. Nevertheless, if you are sure to look after it, promise to yourself to take care and train it as well as possible. You need to know that if you do it well, you will get these advantages:

Make your pet loyal to you

Your puppy will grow and develop well if you look after and train it well. When it becomes a true and adult dog, it will show its loyalty to you. It will be willing to wait for couple times at home, accompany you to walk together, and help you find and take something when you order it. If you know story about “Hachiko” you definitely know that dog will be loyal forever although its owner is already left it forever. Yup, Hachiko is a loyal dog which is willing to wait for its owner for couple months till it dies. You can also make your dog loyal as long as you think, take care, spare time for it, and train it well. If you love it, it will love you too.

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Protect your residence well

If you adopt a puppy which includes as housedog, when it grows and becomes adult, it will help you protect your residence as well as possible. It will watch and spy strangers around your home and then bark them so they go far away. If there are robbers entering your home, it will not keep silent. It will bark, run and then bite robbers. Therefore, robbers can get injury and you can call police to arrest them. Apart from protecting residence from bad guys, your dog is ready to protect home from wild animals, like snake, monkey, squirrel, etc. It will bark and attack beasts without feeling afraid.

Save your life

You need to know that if you love your dog so much, it will love you so much too. Yup, there are many true stories about dog in which this pet is able to save its owners’ life. There are many ways that it can do to save its owners’ life, such as: barking and bites owners’ clothing and then inviting owners to go outside when it knows that there will be earthquake. They can also enter fired home to tell firemen about existence of victims who are trapped in wreckage. Even, police uses dog’s service to find illegal weapons or bombs that can harm many people.

Well, look after and train your puppy as well as possible so it will be lovely pet which will protect you and property well.

Why Does Your Dog Like Biting People?

Are you a dog owner? If you are, does your dog like biting people? If you don’t know, you should not find out what are the reasons are so you know what you should do for your pet whether you have to hand over it to animal center or remain taking care of it. Realize that your pet can hurt people and you will deal with police because you don’t train it well. The worst part is you have to pay fine for thousands of dollars at last. You definitely don’t want to face this problem, right? Well, to help you find reasons why your dog likes biting people, it is better to read information below:dog bites

Dog is stressed

Why is your dog stressed? There are many causes of this problem. Some of them are you enter it into small cage, feed it irregularly, let it outside home in rainy or winter, hurt it, and many more. When it is stressed, its emotion will increase fast and then it will express their stress by biting somebody. This will be worse if dog is infected certain diseases or rabies, as its owner, you have to be responsible for victim fully. To avoid getting this problem, make your pet free from stress. How? Feed it regularly, provide a wide cage, invite it to play together, and caress its hair. If it gets sick, bring it to animal center and ask veterinarian to help it as soon as possible.

Dog is trained to bite people

Not all dog owners train their pet for good things. Some of them train their dog to bite people. They assume that it is important to do so dog is not afraid of strangers or bad guys. They also believe that by doing this, dog will be loyal and ready to protect home anytime. Do you have the same perceptions? If you answer do, you are wrong because this will make dog aggressive and unable to be controlled. It will bite people carelessly without your order. Realize that this is a big problem that harms many people, especially if you let your dog roam around your residence.

If you want to make your dog protect home well, adopt a watchdog and then train it to protect home by barking and running strangers. If it wants to bite somebody, make sure that it does it based on your order.

Dog is threatened

There are many reasons why dog is threatened. One of them is because you like torturing it so it gets any injuries. Realize that when dog is threatened, it will do self-defense by biting you. If it is afraid of you, it will go outside and bite somebody. When this happens, you can lose your dog because people might kill it. If you love your pet, never torture or hurt it whatever your reasons are. If it does any mistakes, entering it into cage is enough. If your dog is too naughty or dangerous, you should hand it over to animal center.

Do These after Buying Dog from Pet Shop

after Buying Dog from Pet Shop

Dog, one animal that is often chosen by most people to be maintained. There are a variety of reasons they keep the dogs because dogs including animals who are obedient to his master, the dog can be a guard house, a dog can be a good friend, and so forth. In the near future will be to buy a dog to be maintained? There are some suggestions when buying a puppy from a pet shop as follows:

  • Select dog puppies. If you are still puppies, will be more easily trained. Train the dog while still puppies also will increase the closeness so the dog became more tractable when an adult dog.
  • Find safe for families. If it would put the dog in the house, you should find the type of dog that is safe for the family, especially children. Breed of dog that could be considered is the Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian, and so forth.
  • Make sure the dog’s skin clean. You must ensure that the condition of the dog’s skin clean. Do not let you catch the disease from a dog who had just purchased.

To get a quality dog, you have to get it from the top pet shop, reliable, and experienced. Get the pet shop such references from those closest to you 😀 Can also check on the duration of the establishment. By the way, after buying a puppy from a pet shop you are advised to introduce their new living environment, check the health of the dog and train the dog (if you can not do it yourself, contact the Singapore dog trainers):

Recommend neighborhood of his new residence

For the first time, you not only have to introduce the tourist attractions (cage) recently purchased a new dog but is also required to introduce neighborhood. Thus, in the future will be more adaptable dogs. As well, where the dog pee and dog poop is supposed that the future does not pee and poop in vain. Dog play area as a place to take off boredom when too long in the cage. Where to eat and drink when the dog was hungry or thirsty. Always give direction on dogs who want to pee or poop, play, and hungry to the place that has been provided so that in time they will get used to the dog.

Dog health checks

To determine the condition of the dog who had just purchased in a healthy condition or not, you have to check his health by a veterinarian. If indeed the diagnostic results show that dogs have just purchased is sick, doctors will immediately prescribe or perform maintenance on the dog to be fit again. Do not forget to ask your veterinarian whether vaccination can be directly done or not. To make it easier to take decisions, inexplicable vaccination whatever is given by the manager of a pet shop in dogs that you buy. Vaccination is important to hamper the growth of bacteria in the dog’s body that trigger the disease. However, if done at the wrong time feared would be bad for the dog. Read this article about pet vaccination is to add insight.

Provide training

To make the dog into a submissive, you have to train. In training dogs, there are some important things to do that is to name the dog, do not hit much less confining dogs if you make a mistake, feeding routine, stroking his head and say good job if the dog take the appropriate action, talk to the dog when training, and occasionally invite to play. Patience is the key to success in training dogs. Not feel less able, try to give a day school for your puppies. You can ask the coach to come home. Professional dog trainer will not only make the dog more intelligent with according to when his master gave orders but can also cope with bad dog behavior such as biting, pulling, jumping, etc.

Want to Make Your Cat Fat? These Are The Ways

Fat Cat

Of the many types of animals, the cat is one animal that so many people choose to be maintained. This is because the pet cat is cute and can also be invited to play. However, when playing with the cats would have to be careful because the animals like cats include scratch. Despite this, but many people maintain. Cats are healthy and fat, would be ideal because everyone will look more cute and more comfortable for stroked.

Not only the Angora cat and a Persian cat that could have the body fat. Ordinary cat could also have body fat that will look cute and adorable. To get a cat with the body fat is certainly not a difficult thing because you can do all pet lovers particularly like cats. You can keep the cat well, of course, what they want you to get a cat with the body fat will be realized. Therefore, the key is you have to keep it well. Well, if you want your cat fat, here are some how.

Providing healthy food and timely

One of the important things that can cause animal fat cat or certainly not from the food factor. The nutritional value contained in cat foods, would be the main factor to make a pet cat becomes obese. Therefore, you should pay attention to both the cat food. You can give a cat rice by the meat mixture. Given a mixture of meat, of course, the appetite cat will be more so in the long run make the cat become fat. For the problem is not all the cat food matches the food is sold specifically for cats. Therefore, you do not just select foods for cats that have been sold in the store.

To make your cat become obese, then you should give timely meal. If you give a meal on time, of course, cats do not starve. Give the cat ate three times a day is morning, noon, and evening.

Giving vitamin for cats

For the problem of vitamin, cats also need vitamins as well as humans. Therefore, if you have a cat that is skinny and want to be fat, then not only feed, but you have to give vitamins to your pet cat. You can leave a cat vitamins such as kitty bloom water. This vitamin is suitable to put on weight and also make the cat increases appetite. Besides good to increase appetite, this vitamin can also be used to reduce the cat’s fur so as not to fall out. When you want to buy vitamins for cats do not just choose, see the composition on the outside of the packaging.

Injecting vaccination

The health of the cats is also a trigger for making a fat cat. If a sick cat, cats certainly do not want to eat so that in time they make a cat become thin. Therefore, in order to avoid the disease cats, then do injecting vaccination. Where vaccination is one way to make the body become resistant animals from various diseases. By injecting vaccination you do, of course, the cat will be spared from the disease so love to eat. Well, so your cat always plump and healthy, then do regular checks of animal medicine.

Keep also the cleanliness of the cat cage in order to remain fat cats. If the condition is dirty cages, of course, can cause pain and eventually made a cat a cat to become thin.